One of the positive things to emerge from the pandemic is that we all took up hand washing with gusto.

This newfound appreciation of soap and water led us to notice two things. Firstly, all this hand washing was leading to dry skin, and those tiny little abrasions on our hands really stung. Secondly, the ingredients on the back of labels didn’t sound very natural. What was it that we were actually washing with multiple times a day?

So we dug deep into the world of soap…

We learnt that soap was discovered by humans thousands of years ago. Soap had gifted us health and vitality. Recently though, we’d lost our way. Big soap companies replaced real ingredients with cheap chemical detergents and called it “hand wash”. So we weren’t washing with soap, we were washing with detergent.

It now made sense why our hands were so dry. The chemicals were stripping our skin of their natural oils. That nagging feeling that these hand washes weren’t as natural as we thought, was confirmed. 

We wanted to use a hand soap that was nourishing and pure.

One made from scratch using top-shelf ingredients. So we set about taking soap back to its origins.

Here at Mythic Suds we make real soap. That’s all we make. Nothing else. No cleaning products. No lotions or potions. We seek to do one thing and do it really well. So we just focus on making great soap and sending it to our happy customers. It's plenty to keep us busy!

Small-batch magic

We’re proud to be a tiny part of the resurging wave of manufacturing taking place in Australia. Our key ingredient, olive oil, is Australian grown, our glass bottles are manufactured in Australia and our paper packaging is made here too.

When it came to developing the Mythic Suds formula, we were uncompromising on quality. We also wanted a wide range of scents for our customers, so that they could mix it up. We made sure to include a fragrance-free option (it’s called “Natural” at Mythic). It is for those who are sensitive to scents, or just don’t love the waft of essential oils just as they are getting up close and personal with a sandwich.

With much time, thought and care put into every step in the development and manufacturing process, we are proud of what we have created. We truly believe that Mythic Suds takes soap back to its legendary origins.

What’s inside the bottle?

When it comes to ingredients, we only use the best from nature, and for nature. Take a look at how our ingredient list compares to others.

Mythic Suds ingredients

  • Purified water

  • Australian olive oil (saponified)

  • Coconut oil (saponified)

  • Essential oil

  • Sea salt

  • Vitamin E

  • Natural citric acid

A snapshot of ingredients used by big soap companies

  • Cocamidoproply Betaine

    A synthetic chemical compound made from dimethylamino proplamine and coconut oil. Can be an irritant.

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

    A synthetic chemical made from petroleum or plant sources such as coconut and palm oil. Can be an irritant, especially with long-term use. May be toxic to aquatic animals.

  • Palm oil

    A popular oil used in soap (and many household products). Comes from the world’s most bio-diverse forests, which are experiencing a deforestation crisis.

  • Aloe vera

    Included on California’s Proposition 65 list of chemicals known to be a carcinogen.

  • Fragrance or perfume

    Made from synthetic chemicals. Known issues include cancer, reproductive and developmental toxicity, allergies and sensitivities.

Australian olive oil: our superhero ingredient

"Liquid gold," is what we call Australian olive oil. It's what makes Mythic Suds feel so nourishing. Soap makers have used olive oil for centuries, however nowadays it is rare for soap companies to use it as a key ingredient due to it's cost.

Olive oil from Australia is highly sought-after and, as described by Epicurious, “…is some of the best in the world.” Some might say it’s too good to use for soap, but not us. Nothing but the best.

Calling time on plastic packaging

Our planet is drowning in plastic. Because of the cost involved in recycling, most consumer plastics end up in landfill. 

We believe that businesses have a responsibly to minimise their use of plastics.

That's why at Mythic Suds we use locally-made glass bottles. Glass is infinitely recyclable and is recycled in Australia at a much higher rate than plastic. Our shipping boxes are also 100% plastic-free and fully recyclable. While we do not yet have a plastic-free alternative to the pumps we use on our bottles, this is one part of our packaging we will continue to investigate. 

As a new consumer goods company, we strive to provide a product that leaves a light ecological footprint. Your purchasing decisions can make a real difference. Join us on our mission to Wash Real!